Canoeland in the county of Småland

How about canoe holiday in the lovely nature of southern Sweden?
Here you may find canadians and kayaks, large 10-20 person canoes, canoewagon, camping, cooking equipment, tents for 8 persons and much more.

We arrange transportation and send tourinstructions. You may stay at our mini-campsite, take a bed and breakfast room or in a cottage.

Children and parents !
Children are much more fond of canoeing than hiking, because it is much easier. You may wind up on a desert island, catch a fish or look for "moose prints". We also offer package tours with food and guide.

Schoolclasses, clubs, student groups...
Come paddle a canoe, sit around the campfire and spend the night in a tent - what an experience for a ggroup. You may also try your luck in finding some information about the ancestors or forefathers from the bronze and iron-age. Old gravesites and runestones can be seen along the canoetrails, you may paddle half or wholedays, or by the week.

Canoetrails with campingsites
The "Värendstrail" runs here:
Asa-Fridsfors / 120 km and Örkenroundtour / 100 km passes by here. There are campingsites by all the canoetrails. There you may find fireplaces with wood, drinkingwater, outhouses and garbage cans.

Other activities:

Hiking Paths
The "St. Sigfriedstrail" Asa-Växjö / 50 km passes by here and there is a connection to the "Höglandstrail".

Swedentrail by bike
The Swedentrail runs through here. A perfect opportunity to stay overnight at our place and try paddling a canoe.

Business in Sweden
Maybe with business connections with Germany, this is for you!
Paddle together in our 10 person canoes, have a barbecue over an open fire and try our various prehistoric games. This forms the foundation for good cooperation in your daily work and in your contacts with other foreign businesspartners. Your german businessassociates will feel at home since german is our native language.

We can offer you a variety of packagedeals!
Call, send a Fax or E-mail us for a brochure!